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Pointillism Felted wall art

Medium Felt
Size 28″ x 28″
Source Based on this online tutorial
Completed May 2012

The mission: an exercise in pointillism from this online tutorial. A personal challenge to create a felted image of this design:

For the background, a beautiful undyed felt batt from Bennet and Gregor.

For the dots, some natural colour wool nepps (small felt balls) – ordered online and delivered from World of Wool in the UK.

To start, I used pins to mark out the sphere and crescent shape that the tutorial said should be solid colour. I generously filled that area in with nepps.

I gradually started to fill in the area, trying to space the nepps out appropriately – closer together in the darker areas, further apart to create lighter areas.

Here is the completed dry layout – I think its lookíng pretty good:

I lay netting over and wet it down. I spent a lot of time gently rubbing the nepps in, using a scrunched-up plastic bag over the netting.

It was clear from early on though, that a lot of the nepps were merging together, creating a really solid block of colour. I thought all my painstaking placement of dots had just gone down the drain. Not wanting to give all up for lost I strategically removed some nepps hoping to be able to recover the original feel of the design.

Once I was sure the nepps would stay in place, I stared rolling the piece in bubble wrap. I rotated it 90 degrees every so often to make sure it shrunk evenly, retaining the spherical shape of the design and the square shape of the background.

I had a lot of uncertainty about how this would turn out but I think it worked. I’m pretty happy with the end result:

One comment on “Pointillism

  1. lavendilly

    I LOVE it! I did a painting like this once and it has been lost between houses and schools … I always meant to felt something like it but I didn’t think of using the nepps. Good timing with the super moon too 🙂

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