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Couch Tissue Box Cover

Knit couch tissue box cover with cushion and dog.
I bought the pattern online from e-patterns central.

Couch tissue box cover

Couch tissue box cover

The dog pattern came from Inside Crochet magazine.

Couch tissue box cover with dog and cushion

Couch tissue box cover with dog and cushion

4 comments on “Couch Tissue Box Cover

  1. lovelydeer

    so cute!

    • Teige

      Well done to think of soemnhitg like that

  2. Marilyn Hirschvield

    Would love the Knit pattern for the couch and dog

  3. Felicity

    Hi Marilyn. You can buy the couch pattern from e-patterns Central. I link to it in the blog post. The dog pattern was from a magazine which I couldn’t find online but I did a quick search for “free crochet dog patterns” and found this one: http://reliquaryarts.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/pitbullami.pdf
    You could do a similar search if you prefer to knit.

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