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Knitted Chicken

I came across this knit chook pattern after watching a documentary on the Black Saturday fires that devastated Victoria in 2009.

There must be something very special about this pattern because not only was it a joy to make but when finished, this chook has something magical about it. A very calming presence – it’s no surprise these chickens were used for therapy after the fires.

I used yarn that I dyed and spun from a grey merino fleece. I’m not great with dyeing. I hoped to get a beautiful dusky desert colour but ended up with a muddy red-brown. Turns out the yarn was perfect chook colour! I bought the pattern online from Winterwood. The pattern has a lot of increases, decreases and wrap & turns. The tail is knit first, then you pick up stitches to make the body and finally knit a gusset for the underbody. The pattern also includes a wattle and comb. A light felting brings the whole thing together, creating a cohesive fabric. Acrylic yarn won’t work for this – it’ll need to be untreated wool to be feltable. Here she is waiting patiently. Stuffed with newspaper and plastic bags after felting to dry in shape. I stuffed her with polyester fibre fill but she was too light so I added a whole packet of plastic pellets as well. She already had natural presence but needed the weight to give her gravitas and dignity. About the size of a football, this chook fits snugly under the arm and was made for cuddles. You also get the feeling she has the wisdom of Solomon.

4 comments on “Knitted Chicken

  1. Eve

    What a chooki! they do seem to have a comforting presence….

  2. Helen Wilden

    I too saw the program on TV and ordered the pattern. I’ve had a great time knitting several now. I tried on with a variegated 100% wool but it wouldn’t felt; I discovered that the wool had been bleached before it was dyed hence it was treated wool. I had great success making a white chook and threated some black through it to represent the light Sussex breed I had recently hatched. I knitted a pink on for my granddaughter and currently have plans for more crazy coloured girls. I enjoy the challenge of the pattern.

  3. Linda

    Help I have knitte tail twice and would love to ask you opinion it just seems wrong I am following the pattern but making a crucial mistake some where

    • flicstar

      Hi Linda, thanks for getting in touch. I haven’t looked at this pattern for a while so I will dig it out and take a look for obvious ‘gotchas’. Can you describe what seems wrong about your work?

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