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Crochet Platypus


This platypus pattern came from PlanetJune. I asked for the pattern as a gift for my birthday oh, two years ago? I finally sat down to make it on the weekend and it took me about a day.
Crocheted in the amigurumi style (which can be a bit boring to crochet) it was fun to make because it has quite a realistic shape to it.
He came together in a really pleasing way and the pattern was very easy to follow with photos, detailed explanations and links to online resources if you really needed help.
I used buttons for eyes and handspun and dyed yarn. He is lightly stuffed and about 30cm long bill to tail.
Platypuses (platypi?) are monotremes – mammals that lay eggs.

I would recommend checking out PlanetJune for a wide range of animal patterns – some of which are free or for a small donation.

2 comments on “Crochet Platypus

  1. I love it!

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