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Whale tissue box cover


I wanted to make a tissue box cover to have at work. I found this really cute pattern at moogly.

The tissue boxes we get in the office are those not-very-tall ones. I wasn’t sure if the whale shape would work but decided to give it a go anyway.

Turns out I had just the right shade of blue in my stash. It’s a synthetic yarn so it has good grip and was pretty easy to work with.


I strayed from the pattern a little bit because I didn’t want the blow hole to be the length of his body. So I made just a smallish blow hole – big enough for the tissues to come out and positioned more toward the front of his head.


I also made a mistake with the tail which I couldn’t be bothered fixing and I think it turned out to be a happy accident—I was very happy with the way the shape and angle of the tail turned out.

I embroidered the mouth and used some buttons from my stash for the eyes.

Can’t wait to take him to work on Monday!

3 comments on “Whale tissue box cover

  1. Kier

    This is so beautiful!

  2. Shaula

    Could you explain please what did you change to make it with the short hole and not-so-tall whale? Thanks

    • Felicity

      Hi Shaula,
      Thanks for getting in touch!
      In Row 9, instead of re-joining the yarn 7 stitches before the end of the row, I joined 18 stitches before the row. Then in Row 12, I chained 8 stitches so this left a much smaller gap for the blowhole.
      As for the height, the pattern says to do Rounds 22-39 and I just stopped when the whale fit the height of the tissue box. I had the tissue box handy and just kept fitting the whale on until it looked right.
      I hope this helps. Good luck with your whale!

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