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I’m going to a party soon and I wanted a bag to go with my outfit. I tramped all around the local shopping centre, looked at EVERY bag there was and came home empty handed. All I wanted was a bag of just the right size and just the right colour with two handles (rather than a long strap). Too much to ask?

Necessity truly is the mother of invention.

How hard can it be?

I am not one to create my own patterns, but I grabbed some yarn and started a chain.


All I have to do is make an oval then keep going around to make a bag shape and finish up with some handles. No worries!

When I got to the handles I just chained a hole big enough for my hand, then continued around. I tried to reinforce the edges of each handle with some slip stitching.

Once finished, it was a little bit misshapen but overall I was pretty happy with it.

Now for the magic: throw it in the wash!

I used yarn from my stash which I had spun from a raw merino fleece I had prepared. So I knew it would felt in the washing machine. I put a lingerie bag inside the bag, then put the whole thing inside another lingerie bag and threw it in with a normal load of washing.



I stuffed it with plastic bags to shape it while it dried.

I am pretty happy with the final shape. I could even use a stiff piece of cardboard in the bottom if I wanted it to have a flat base. Or stitch a piece of leather to the outside base for durability.

I went looking for a fake flower and in the end got this cute button which I think really finishes it off. I attached the button to a brooch back so that I can decorate the bag with something else to match a different outfit in future.



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