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I was inspired to make this SunMoon felted piece by a remarkable drawing from my young niece.

In crayon, this picture sings with movement and life. It is so animated! and happy! I love it.

01 Original

I love how the moon is in profile while the sun is facing forward. Seeing these pictures now I realise I forgot the eyebrows. Or maybe that was a design decision? I can’t remember.

To make this piece in felt, I started with a white background then laid out my blue and red fleece around a circular placeholder to get the shape.

I used more fleece, prefelt and cheesecloth scraps to complete the basic design.

Then I wet it all down with my trusty bulb sprayer and felted it.

04 Wetting down

Next it dried on the clothes line and then a quick needle felt to ’round out’ the moon which had become misshapen during the felting process.

I then did some machine embroidery to outline the shapes and add some detail.

Then I hand stitched black accents and outlines.

I completed it with a black frame and I’m pleased with the result. Although it is quite a different piece to the original inspiration, I enjoyed the challenge of making it and am very thankful to my niece for such a beautiful design.

One comment on “SunMoon

  1. lavendilly

    Rosella says: All your felt pieces look good and I also think that my drawing is good as well. I think I might want to make my own felt piece.

    Linden says: Tomorrow I want to draw half girl/half boy

    Kaelan says: I think it’s cool

    David is most impressed.

    I love it, especially the details you’ve stitched on. It looks fabulous in the frame too. Thanks for showing us!

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