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Alphabet Letters


Not long after Christmas I saw an idea for a stuffed alphabet. For some reason, this idea really took a hold of me – I got a real bee in my bonnet about making a set. NOW!

As soon as I got home from my holiday, I dug out my stash of fat quarters and got started.


I created a square template so the letters would all be a standard size – but perhaps I should have used a rectangular template because the width of some letters is a bit weird. Nevermind.

I drew them freehand then whizzed them through the machine. I didn’t care about neatness – I wanted them to look a bit ‘rough and ready’.


I gave them a quick iron.


Then I stitched where I needed to cut out holes later.


Next I got to stuffing. It was a bit tricky to get around some of the turns and corners.


I hand stitched the ends closed and voila.

FUN! I made 2 of each vowel, and 2 L’s by accident.



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