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Rose pin

This is the story of a bit of a failure with some creative recovery. Do you call it a win? I’m not sure.

I set out to make a rose pin – from the pattern by Pat Spark in issue 14 of Felt magazine.

I needed a brooch to match my shoes for an outfit I planned to wear…so I found some fleece to match my shoes, then¬†I chose some silk fabric.


Next I got out my bag of Sari silk waste to choice a contrasting color for the center of the flower.


The idea of the pattern is to create a fleece sandwich – you take a long piece of fabric, lay out the fleece then fold the fabric over lengthwise.


Then you take a long piece of thread and stitch and gather the fabric to form the rose flower shape.


I put my yellow silk threads in the middle and just caught them with some stitches. Ooooh, pretty!


That’s where I should have stopped. Stop now! Sure, it’s technically unfinished (because the next step is to felt it) but it looks soooooo preeetty. Why didn’t I stop? Gah!

I felted it.



I got over it eventually and tried to make something of it. I shaped it as much as I could as it dried. I pulled up some of the fabric that hadn’t felted – to try and get some height and dimension.

In the end it turned out not too bad. I stitched a brooch back on it and here it is pinned to my bag. It was too bulky to wear on my dress.


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