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I recently went on a ‘Farm to Yarn’ tour of New Zealand’s South Island. Known as The Travelling Yarn, the tour was run by Creative Incentives. If you get the chance to go on one of these programs, I can highly recommend it.

We were privileged to participate in a workshop run by the award-winning knitter Daphne Randle. A quick Google shows some of the amazing garments she produces using her signature technique.

Her technique is to knit small squares – so it is modular knitting – but there is no sewing in because you turn the work and pick up stitches. You are essentially knitting diamonds rather than squares because the work is diagonal, and garments end up on the bias. This gives great fitting and drape.

To learn the technique we made a simple scarf. I say simple but it took us all morning to get the hang of it.

When I got home from the tour I undid my work, and cast-on again using larger needles.


To give a tidy edge, Daphne recommends picking up stitches along the outside of the work and casting them off.


I blocked the scarf which really helped it sit nicely. This is 100% merino wool from Touch Yarns and it was a pleasure to work with.


The finished scarf if not overly long – you could continue adding blocks to make it as long as you want but I was eager to finish. Knitting small blocks like this is much easier on your arms and shoulders, particularly if you sit and knit for long stretches of time.

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