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Glitz at the Ritz


I bought some beautiful sock yarn on my recent trip to NZ and after casting on double needles and knitting a few rows, decided I was probably never going to knit socks.

A search online for patterns using one skein of sock yarn delivered Glitz at the Ritz by Curious Handmade.

Mine has no “glitz” because I didn’t add the beads, but my yarn was already so pretty that I decided I didn’t need it.


This was a fun pattern to knit – one of those ones that you just can’t wait to finish so you race yourself to the end.


It was also quite portable – I knit this on a plane, on the bus, during meetings at work and of course in front of the telly.

I “blocked it aggressively” which is something I’d read about blocking lace knitting, to open the pattern out.

Funny thing, when I was pinning it out I found a dropped stitch! The knitting gods were smiling on me though, because it didn’t unravel. I took some spare yarn and tied the stitch closed – the perfect crime!

This is a really versatile shawl that can be worn in many ways.

One comment on “Glitz at the Ritz

  1. ecm2209

    I want to make this….. Mum

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