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Huntress Cowl

On a recent trip to Bendigo Woollen Mills, I bought a couple of balls of 16 ply ‘Mystery‘ yarn.

I used it to make this ‘Katniss Cowl’ by The Frugal Crafter. See how it leaves your arms free to aim your bow and arrow?


It came together pretty quickly, which was just as well, because I had to pull it out and do it again about 3 times. The fit wasn’t right, and I had to adjust the pattern to reduce the width and length.

The crochet stitch for the body was easy. And you pick up every second stitch with circular needles to knit the cowl neck.

I wore it to the Australian Sheep and Wool Show this year and received quite a few compliments on it.




2 comments on “Huntress Cowl

  1. thefrugalcrafter

    wow,looks amazing in those colors!

    • Felicity

      Thanks so much. I wish it had have turned out a bit more like yours, but it’s a great pattern – thanks for sharing it!

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