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Frida’s Flowers Blanket

This year I did my first ‘CAL’ (crochet-a-long). It was from Janie Crow, and it was a blanket called Frida’s Flowers.

The idea is that you purchase all the yarn in advance, and then the patterns are released every fortnight. You crochet a block at a time until you end up with enough blocks to stitch together to make the final design.

It was a fun project, but became a bit of a chore at times. The novelty of the new pattern blocks wore off when you had to make 5 or 6 of them at a time!


I was religious at the start about using the 3.5mm hook and switching to the 4mm hook when Janie told me to. But after a while, I realised my tension was fairly consistently larger than hers and I just used the 3.5mm hook for everything. Blocking helps create a consistent shape and size so sewing together was relatively straight-forward.

The yarn was 100% cotton, and lovely to work with (but does make the finished blanket quite heavy).

The colours were also very pretty! The black was challenging to work with at night but I have a strong LED lamp which helped a lot.

I’m pretty pleased with the end result.

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