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Waldorf-inspired Doll

I’ve always wanted to make a Waldorf doll and when my local Steiner craft shop, Winterwood, offered a workshop I was keen to sign up.

The process is quite involved and the doll is quite sturdy – made to survive some robust play! The workshop ran over four Saturday mornings. Ostensibly for two hours but we generally went for longer, plus homework and making clothes – the doll took me almost 20 hours to complete.

Made with all-natural materials, first you stuff the stocking head with wool. Next a nose. And then the “skin”.


This is a ‘baby’ size doll, it measures about 12″ tall.

The hair was made by first crocheting a little skull cap and then firmly securing that onto the head. Then I created a whole lot of little loops for a short, curly-hair look.

I am very happy with the result. Our teacher, Nat, was fantastic and even though we all followed the same instructions, the finished dolls all had very different personalities.

The doll I made is a boy named Peter. I made him clothes and realised how rusty my sewing skills are.

After putting so much work into making Peter, I didn’t want him to get lost! So I stitched my phone number onto a little tag and included it when I sewed the final seam to close up his body.

I crocheted a kind of moses basket for him to be delivered in.


He is going to be a faithful friend and guardian.


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